A Giant Peen Rises in China

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bill-swift - May 12, 2013

China's known for a lot of stuff: cheap labor, the Great Wall, shameless knockoffs, the one-child policy. Now it's about to be known as the country having the world's largest peen. We're not talking about some Chinese dude who grew a ginormous wang; rather, we're talking about the new headquarters for the People's Daily that's shaped like a giant pecker.

In case you didn't know, the People's Daily is China's state-run propaganda newspaper, so we're not really talking about some random building. It's a structure that's directly connected to the government, for crying out loud. You'd think they'd have chosen a more prudent design.

The building will probably lose a bit of its peen-like qualities after the scaffolding is removed. But these images of when it was full-blown weiner? It will live on forever.

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