A Brief Tour Of Instagram Hottie Nikki Sia’s Best Bikini Photos

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aldo-vallon - May 4, 2018

When comes to being famous for being beautiful, few do it better than Nikki Sia. She has a face that looks like it was designed for an American Girl Doll, hair that looks like it was grown by a botanist, and a body that is so tight I am fairly certain her skin is made of Shrinky Dink material and every time she goes out in the sun it only gets tighter.

Her body is so perfect that I would actually launch a protest myself if she ever announced that she was going to get plastic surgery. There are not many women, or men, that I have said this about, but I would not even condone her getting a boob job. There is no way that a synthetic boob could possibly be considered an improvement upon what she is working with now. Unless she was receiving a boob transplant, of course.

Like, if Marilyn Monroe’s jugs needed a new host body then of course she should take on that responsibility. Those boobs were fondled by the only two Kennedy’s that have mattered; they deserve to stick around for as long as possible, if at all possible.


Photo Credit: Instagram / Twitter