3D Print Your Own Batsuit

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bill-swift - July 3, 2015

3D printing really is an amazing technology. Not only can you build new legs for injured puppies and cool toys but you can even build a gun. But perhaps the coolest use of the technology is a design made by Julian Checkley of the Order 66 Creatures and Effects studio in Ireland. He designed a Batman suit. Now, this isn't a cheap plastic Halloween costume your mom bought you at Sears. This is the real deal. You can go out and fight crime in this thing and probably not get too hurt and it is a steal at only $8800 dollars. Not much if you consider the millions that Bruce Wayne spent making his suit. But he didn't have 3D tech back in the 40's or whatever. 

The problem is that a batsuit does not a Batman make. He has decades of training in martial arts, has an arsenal of cool weapons, and is a certified genius. Let's say some d-bag in Omaha has $8800 and wants to fight crime. He's probably going to be murdered by whatever the Omaha equivalent of the Joker is in like two minutes. So, it's probably best to save your money to spend on Cheetoes, video games, and masturbatory materials. 

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