Zoe Salmon Paddle Boarding Little Bikini Candids On Vacation

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aldo-vallon - May 1, 2018

Zoe Salmon is staying true to her fish roots by taking to the water, although I do not see why she feels the need to have a flotation device. She would feel much more at home actually being in the water, and it would double as a hell of a workout.

I have been told that swimming is one of the best exercises that a person can participate in if they want to stay fit. From what I have seen I think that wholly depends on the person that is partaking in it. I have seen so many…um, whales floating around in the public pool that I have a hard time believing that they are doing any work at all. They have so much blubber keeping them afloat that there is no effort involved on their part. But Zoe looks so slim that I doubt it would apply.

I have never paddle boarded before. I see no reason why I should bring any more attention to my anti-beach body than being at the beach already does. Standing on a floating board in the middle of a lake is like standing on a pedestal and begging for rotten fruit to be thrown at me.


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA