Zoe Kravitz Bikinis on the Beach in Miami

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bill-swift - December 5, 2014

I'll say this for Zoe Kravitz, we don't see her much around these parts, but when we do, man, I'm so glad we do. The Lenny-Lisa offspring shows up about once a year in her bikini in Miami or other southern hotspot and reminds me that I truly wish she and her sweet body were in the public eye more often. Or before my eyes at least, the rest of you can be on your own.

Zoe somehow managed two different colored bikinis before even film could be changed in the camera (which I think stopped happening around 2004) and some signature hair, making her an eye-popping and heart stopping present for the gentleman oglers who have followed my instructions and camped themselves in the sand of Miami for the winter. Oh, to be the thong snuggled into that derriere. Sorry, I digress. Though as you know by now, for me, dreaming of being a bikini thong is hardly a digression. Enjoy.

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