Yenitza Munoz Open Jacket For Sweet Racktastic Peeks in Malibu

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bill-swift - February 17, 2016

After you shoot so many bosomy girls on the beach you might just start to run out of wardrobe ideas to keep the fans titillated but the models from being arrested by the Malibu police department. Enter Yenitza Munoz, hottie Latina model and her notion to wear only a tiny little open jack on top of her splendid racktastic, covered just enough so that the children can't see where their meals used to come from. Lord knows that would be hideous, or awesome.

Yenitza now falls in a long tradition of pimping water by way of boobtastic along the Pacific shoreline. I think the net result has been far greater for the ocean than for the bottled water in terms of prestige and positive looks, but so be it. I'd probably buy anything Yenitza in her little revealing top and hot body asked of me. In fact, I know I would. I've seen rag dolls with more spin than me in the face of epic funbags. I find my honesty refreshing, albeit somewhat embarrassing. Yenitza, come make me do things I don't want to. I'll thank you for it later. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet