Wrangle With Perky Perfection Trista Mikail

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elliot-wolf - August 20, 2018

I’d commit to using an outhouse for the rest of my life, never to sit on an indoor toilet seat ever again, if it means going on a camping adventure for just one night with Trista Mikail. She’s a woman who I would go out of my way to be stuck in the woods with. She’s pretty, and pretty smart to bring a Jeep for the trails. The outdoors is all about preparation. And if you’re bringing her along, you’re pretty much set on the thinking ahead and being prepared part. I know she’s all I need to pack on a trip. Her and maybe some beef jerky just in case I get hungry before it’s time to forage for free four-legged food roaming about.

I’m only too eager to serve her a four course catch-and-eat dinner consisting of squirrel, trout, coon, and deer as the main entrée. I hope she’s not vegan. If she is, I’d still be okay with eating grass or whatever they eat for a few nights if that meant being closer to a beauty like her. I think I’ve found my Pocahontas with her. I love beautiful women and I love being outside. And tents are practically modern day teepees.


Photo Credit: MEGA