Winona Ryder, Sex Maniac

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bill-swift - June 2, 2005

According to Female First, Winona Ryder has been dumped by her boyfriend Jay Kay (or Jay Gay, as Dave says) of Jamiroquai, because of her insatiable appetite for sex.

Yeah. That's just the worst problem in the world. Your superhot, megafamous girlfriend wants to have sex all the time. Boo hoo. Putz.

Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay says sexy Winona Ryder wore him out with her non "stop demands for sex".

He confessed: "She has these enormous breasts - bigger than they look on film.

"She did have this habit of constantly wanting to play hide the sausage. It was exhausting.".

Jay Kay is right about one thing, though. Winona Ryder's breasts are spectacular.