Who’s Hotter: Casey Beau Brown and Natasha Blasick Black Bikini Edition

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aldo-vallon - September 12, 2018

Black is acolor that looks good on everybody, but I do not think that can be credited as the sole reason why these two are looking so good. They are two fine specimen that exceed the limitations of a simple color. Throw these girls in bikinis of any color and they will still come out looking like dimes. Hell, take the bikini away entirely and I still think these women would be considered attractive. But that’s just my opinion.

Casey is so hot that she can get away with wearing a visor that I normally only see middle aged women wearing. It is like the modernized version of the babushka. I have never heard of a babushka being seen as sexy, but that visor is doing it for me.

Natasha is rocking her own piece of momwear. That robe of hers—which probably has a fancier name but we all know is just a robe—for some reason is acceptable to be worn in public, while my own robe is not. That is probably due to me not causing any flooding in ladies undergarments when they see me wearing mine.

Today the win goes to the Ukrainian knockout.



Photo Credit: Backgrid USA / MEGA