Where’s The Dark Knight Rises Video Game? It’s On Your Phone…

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bill-swift - July 19, 2012

While I'm not usually a fan of movie-based games as they, well…suck, I've been wondering if we were going to see a video game based off Dark Knight Rises.

As an avid video game player and Marvel fan since birth, it was hard to see the footage of the first person Avengers title that would never be and it was just salt in the wound when they never ended up making another after the original was shitcanned. The Avengers was the biggest movie of the year and fans never got the chance to play as their favorite team of superheroes but I hoped Batman would come to save the day.

The Dark Knight Rises is coming out this Friday and it's now safe to say that no console title is coming. Don't cry though, for Batman is still making his mark on the gaming community…through the iSO/Android market.

The Dark Knight Rises: The Video Game will be hitting the iPhone, iPad and Android markets this Friday to coincide with the release of the movie itself and looks pretty darn impressive if you ask me. This looks to be pushing the boundaries in what we've seen in iSO/Android games. Check out the new gameplay trailer.

As the title suggests, this portable Batman title will take players through the streets and rooftops of Gotham City, with impressive visuals and edge of your seat action sequences including hostage situations, vehicle chases and jailbreaks to name a few. Batman's full arsenal of gadgets will also be available to give you the full Batman experience while you're kicking the crap out of thugs.

Did I mention the ‘Bat Vehicles' would also be pilotable? That's right, even ‘The Bat'.

While a price has yet to be announced, check it out this Friday and get ready to experience The Dark Knight Rises like never before. Also, it will keep you warm long after the epic Batman finale has left our theatres, leaving the world a hollow shell once more.

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