When You Hear How Old Michelle Hunziker Is You Might Lose Control Of Your Bowels

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earl-jonas - April 1, 2019

Incontinence is real and the stigma needs to stop people. Stunning Swiss blondie Michelle Hunziker is somehow forty-two-years-old, and yet if you told me that she was half that age, I wouldn't bat an eye. And I wouldn't be surrounded by my own feces. Anyway the MILFiest of MILFs and Italy television personality (she moved there from Switzerland) was recently caught filling the living daylights out of a fire engine red bikini while splashing around in Gargnano. Her stomach is so flat that just picturing the number of crunches she does on the daily makes my body hurt, her rack is agelessly perky, and she has the overall looks of a supermodel. A twenty-one-year-old supermodel. But she's forty-two. Sorry about the diarrhea in your seat.

Photo Credit: MEGA