Voltron Is Back In This Trailer For New Netflix Series

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michael-garcia - May 11, 2016

It is a FACT of science and the universe that the greatest action cartoon of the 1980's was Voltron, (The one with the lions not the ones with the cars or ships). Every week the Voltron force would assemble their robot lions to form the most kick ass defender of the universe to defeat whatever evil creature the bad guys sent at them. Like all things from the 80's, Voltron is getting a reboot. Unlike most other things, however, this show actually looks good. Voltron: Legendary Defender follows the basic plot of the original with 5 space pilots being brought to a mysterious castle to pilot the robot lions that make up Voltron to stop King Zarkon from ruling the universe. Pidge, Hunk, Lance and the gang are back. No Sven, though. His name is now Shiro. I never understood why a Japanese show had a Swedish dude in the crew. Who am I to argue with genius.

The new show seems to capture both the humor and the action-packed goodness of the original. Plus, just the fact that it has a giant killer robot made up of smaller robot lions makes it cooler than most things on TV. The show premieres on Netflix June 10.