Victoria Silvstedt Pops Some Cleavage Out In Paris

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aldo-vallon - March 6, 2018

That is quite possibly the fanciest Canadian Tuxedo that I have ever seen. At least I am fairly certain that her jacket is made of denim. I do not know why someone would intentionally make another fabric look like it was made out of denim. What is there to gain? The only thing making me doubt myself is that I have never seen a double breasted jean jacket before. And now I am questioning why not? Maybe people would feel differently toward the Canadian Tuxedo if it was snazzed up a bit.

Naturally, Victoria Silvstedt would be wearing a double breasted jacket; she does have two breasts that need covering. It would look a little odd if she only wore enough clothing to cover one of them, although there would be no complaints on my end. This living Barbie Doll can get away with wearing anything, because I will support her through and through. After the way she rode that mechanical bull in Out Cold I will forever be in her debt. It is not every day that a woman with a body like hers mounts up whilst displaying such poise. Some of the drunk chicks at the bar could learn a thing or two.



Photo Credit: Splash News / Instagram