Vanity Fair Oscar Party Mega Picture Post

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bill-swift - March 6, 2006

While everybody else is going crazy over the act that Brokeback Mountain lost the Best Picture award, I really couldn't care less. I think it's amazing how Hollywood has convinced us that these awards shows matter in way at all, but they have, so you have to at least give them credit for that.

No, I think award shows are ridiculous, and they invariably suck. Thankfully, award shows also mean parties, and parties mean more pictures of hot celebrities in sexy dresses. It's crazy how these actresses manage to change from one dress to another so quickly. It's almost like Clark Kent ripping off one evening gown, to reveal Superman dressed in another gown underneath. How's that for Brokeback!?

My personal favourite in this bunch is Kate Bosworth, but you can check out all the lovelies this year from the Vanity Fair Oscar Party after the jump, and stay tuned for more Oscar party pictures on the way.

Gina Gershon

Heidi Klum

Hilary Swank

Jennifer Aniston

Jessica Alba

Karolina Kurkova

Kate Bosworth

Keira Knightley

Lindsay Lohan

Mischa Barton

Naomi Watts

Selma Blair

Teri Hatcher

Winona Ryder