Vanessa Hudgens Bares Midriff Showing Off Her Belly Ring

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bill-swift - June 4, 2014

The lovely Vanessa Hudgens was spotted in LA showing off her bare-midriff in a crop top shirt. The High School Musical star turned indie hippie chick was out shopping when she was spotted be the photographers. Vanessa tried to cover her lovely face with her shopping bags but did nothing to occlude our view of her lovely belly. For that, we thank her. Vanessa has quite a prominent belly ring and she like to show it off a lot. I'm not one for piercings and all that but I do love me a girl with a belly button ring. Maybe it's because it calls attention to the midriff, an often neglected part of the body. Maybe it's that it is the midpoint between ta-ta and lady bits. Whatever it is, I am all about it.

Vanessa clearly likes to show off her mid-section and why not? It's spectacular. Her body makes me want to dance around a school cafeteria. Metaphorically, of course.