Valentine’s Turn-Ons: Aphrodisiacs You Can Count So You Can Get It Up–And Stay Up

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bill-swift - February 12, 2013

The best part about Valentine's is what happens at the end of the evening. It's not the flowers or fancy dinner or little gift that you got for her. The only thing that matters is what comes after; the big question is, are you ready for it?

After all the pressure that girls put on guys over Valentine's, a dude's bound to get stressed. And it would be a damn shame if he got too whacked out to perform when it's time to do the deed, for all the effort and cash he burned through leading up to the fourteenth.

So fellas, don't let that happen to you. Call the florist now, make your reservations, and get a gift you both could use to make sexy time infinitely better by chowing down on one of these aphrodisiac treats and sweets to cap off the night. You don't even have to tell her what's in the booze until the end of the night; heck, she'll probably even thank you for it. Enjoy!


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