Underoos For Adults?

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michael-garcia - May 18, 2016

There is nothing hotter than a sexy piece of underwear. A girl in a lacey bra and panties makes my heart go all a twitter. I'm not sure what qualifies as sexy underwear in men. Some ladies like Speedos while others enjoy plain old cotton boxers. I myself go for boxer briefs in various colors. What I am 100% isn't sexy is adult Underoos. The classic makers of children's underpants in the 80's has made a deal with Hot Topic, (natch), to market a line of Underoos for adults. They will feature such iconic heroes and villains as Superman, Captain America, He-Man, Skeletor, Harley Quinn, and Batgirl. They are trying to cash in on the craze for nerd nostalgia. The good thing is that my earlier point is moot because whatever geek is sporting these drawers is not getting laid anyway. So, I guess that works out. I hope they come in both painfully skinny and morbidly obese sizes because that's who wants to wear it.

I admit that I've fallen for a lot of this nerdcore crap in my day. My weakness is for Star Wars crap. Any turd that George Lucas slaps a Yoda onto has been purchased by me. But I'm trying to be more discerning and less fooled by stupid nostalgia. But the flesh is weak.

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