The Limited Edition PS4s Cannot Be Stopped; Here’s the ‘Uncharted 4’ One

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bill-swift - February 6, 2016

So, there we go. PlayStation and Xbox has dropped their 2016 hype trailers, their PR spiel, their never-been-a-better-time-to-own-a, all of that good stuff. We're lean and hyped and reading to effing go.

If you look a little closer, though, you notice something that's been a problem since the consoles were first released: the true, ball-busting exclusives are few and far between. We've got ‘console exclusives' (PS4 and PC only, like Street Fighter V) and cross-platform games amundo, but there aren't many Bloodbornes and such on show.

When a true AAA exclusive does appear, then, you can bet that these guys will milk the ‘nads off of it. Which usually means one thing… a special edition console.

In this case, we're ogling the freshly-announced Uncharted 4: A Thief's End PS4. It's all artsy and minimalist and such, the way these things often are, and even features some nerdly Latin in golden lettering: Sic parvis magna (greatness from small beginnings). As fans will know, this is from the inscription on a ring found in the Uncharted series, but it's all getting pretty damn highbrow in here nonetheless.

As Destructoid reports, this 500GB console comes with the game and a pretty swanky controller, and is set to arrive on Uncharted 4's release on April 26.

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