Trista Mikail Looks Ridiculously Hot In This Revealing Little White Corset

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brian-mcgee - May 30, 2018

Idaho native Trista Mikail is a simple girl who likes simple pleasures. The blonde beauty describes herself as an "adrenaline junkie" and enjoys everything from snowboarding and wakeboarding to skydiving. She's the kind of girl you'll dig if you're a fan of living life to the fullest.

Not to say that those of us who aren't wakeboarding or snowboarding or skydiving in our private lives are boring, but there's something very invigorating about participating in risky behaviors. I wonder if she likes to feed shellfish to people with allergies. Talk about walking on the wild side!

Another thing that risk averse people such as myself fear in a bold woman is that we'll be participating in such dangerous activities as well. That's not always the case, and any guy who's ever used "pulling out" as an effective method of birth control has definitely lived on the edge.

I dig Trista and I dig her body and her corset and all, but I think I'm gonna keep my feet planted on the ground and enjoy her looking sexy. Not to say that I'm always gonna be the type to shy away from skydiving, but for right now, I'm just fine where I am.

Photo Credit: Instagram / Backgrid USA