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bill-swift - May 10, 2005

Upon visiting Apple's trailer site, I found a few lesser publicised movies which look like they might be fairly good.

Heights - Following five characters over twenty-four hours on a fall day in New York City, this film looks to be a nice respite from the summer blockbuster madness. June 10, 2005

Layer Cake - This movie, which has been out in the UK for a while is finally getting an American release. It's directed by the producer of Snatch and Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels. But I think it's really getting released to aleviate the fears of X-Men fans, since Matthew Vaughan will also be directing X-Men 3. May 13, 2005

Red Eye - What at first seems like a romantic comedy starring Rachel McAdams (so cute), turns out to be a freaky Wes Craven film. Soon

Roll Bounce - What could be better than a movie about 1970s Roller Disco? Afros aplenty in this movie starring none other than Bow Wow. Summer