Tobey Maguire Becomes Just Another Star Cut from a Movie

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bill-swift - September 8, 2012

Later this year you'll be able to see animals, storms, shipwrecks and wonder all up on the screen in Ang Lee's Life of Pi. What you won't be seeing is Tobey Maguire, whose role was cut from the movie. And while we all wished the same would've happened to Maguire's scenes in Spiderman 3, wishing will only get you so far.

This isn't anything new. Big time stars are frequently replaced or find their scenes excised from the finished product by the time a movie goes before audiences. Sometimes it's for running time, or pacing, or they're just garbage in it. You never know. Half the pleasure of Blu-rays is to watch the deleted scenes and determine whether or not they belonged in the film. Typically the answer is no, as they were cut for a reason. But every now and then...

Check out the gallery for other famous actors who couldn't use their star power to stay on screen.

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