Time To Play Guess That Celebrity: This Chick Edition

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Sam Robeson - May 15, 2018

Welcome to everyone's favorite game - Guess That Celebrity. This is a spinoff of everyone's other favorite game - Guess That Botched Celebrity - but this time around it's not so much a surgeon as it is the cruel unrelenting hands of time that have, um, finessed the appearance of our celeb. AKA inflicted blunt force trauma. I showed this to a co-worker to gauge how identifiable this woman is, and he said "Oh, that's Vera Farmiga. Or wait, it's one of the Kirke sisters." Is he right? I'll never tell. Head to the comments to identify the body.

Note: My Getty Images downloads are out until later this month, so you'll need to click the link below to see the pic. I know I'm trash.

Head HERE for the pic


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