Tim Tebow and the New York Jets Might Run the Wildcat, But Don’t Tell Anyone!

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michael-garcia - August 15, 2012

Tim Tebow and The New York Jets might be the most entertaining thing about the NFL this season, with apologies to Peyton Manning. Odds are the Jets are going to be terrible and Tebow will get the starting job over Mark Sanchez about a month into the season, and then it'll be the lead story on ESPN every day for a couple months, leading to breathless, non-stop analysis of the move. If you aren't sick of Tebowmania yet, then you haven't been watching the World Wide Leader enough.

In case you didn't know, Tim Tebow is more of a runner than a passer. His career completion percentage is around 47%. Most NFL teams would prefer their QBs to complete around 60%; half of the league hit that mark last year. Who was last? The Denver Broncos at 50% with Tebow as the starter most of year. But guess what? They won games, including a thrilling win over the Steelers in the playoffs on, of all things, a Tebow pass.

So while everyone in the world knows that Tebow is one of the worst passers (statistically) in the history of the NFL, the Jets for some reason think they have to keep what they're doing with Timmy a secret. In fact, they forbade reporters at yesterday's practice from revealing any details about how they lined Tebow up at QB and practiced the Wildcat offense.

Check out this awesome piece from the Wall Street Journal to get an idea of how that went over.

The Jets hired former Miami Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano this offseason to be their offensive coordinator. Sparano brought the Wildcat to the NFL a few years ago, using RB Ronnie Brown in the QB spot to confuse defenses. The first year, it actually worked pretty well with Miami famously knocking off the Patriots. After that, defenses adjusted and the Wildcat hasn't really been that effective.

For some reason, the Jets think nobody will know they're going to use Tebow in that offense, even though it's the most obvious thing for them to do with the guy.

Boomer Esiason said the Jets should just cut Tebow because he's going to be too much of a distraction, and he's half right. Not the cutting part, the distraction part. Even when Sanchez struggles and Tebow becomes the starter it's going to be such a circus that nobody on the team will want to be a part of it.

For everyone who isn't a Jets fan, it's going to be fun to watch.