TIL Most People Will Go Batsh’t Crazy If You Put a Spider on Their Hand… (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - November 2, 2013

Magician Rahat Hussein is back with another prank, and it's a particularly cruel one at that. He's aptly dubbed it as the 'Spider on Hand' prank, where he goes around carrying a stack of books while his shoelace is untied. He plays upon the sympathies of people to help him carry his books since he looks like he's having a really hard time--and it's these same people who become the victims of his prank.

Heartless, isn't he?

Suffice to say, the reactions are pretty funny to watch, although I'm sure it wouldn't be as fun if you were one of the many duped into thinking that a potentially poisonous spider was merrily crawling about on your hand. There is a reason why people just aren't kind to strangers these days, and Rahat just gave us all another reason. Regardless, enjoy!

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