Throne of Nerds and Other Awesome Stuff Made from Computer Keyboards

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bill-swift - February 28, 2013

Keyboards aren't just for typing. As you can see in the gallery, they're extremely flexible materials that you can use to build all sorts of stuff, like pieces of art and boobwear to shoes and, of course, the Throne of Nerds. This isn't the first time someone used old keyboards to create usable furniture, but this is the first time something keyboard-made blew us away with its awesomeness.

Close your eyes for a quick mo and picture the throne that the King of the Andal sits in. Now imagine it being made entirely from keyboards--and open your eyes to hobbyist Mike DeWolfe's welded keyboard throne and tell me this isn't what you were imagining. Yeah, I figured it was.

Makeshift thrones for brutal leaders aside, check out the gallery for more stuff that people have made using nothing but keyboards, super glue, and their imaginations!

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