This Is The Buddy Cop Montage to End All Buddy Cop Montages

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bill-swift - November 6, 2013

If you're not a fan of buddy cop films, this is not the montage for you. Then again, if you're not a fan of buddy cop films, you can go straight to hell!

Classic duos such as Riggs and Murtaugh (Lethal Weapon), Cates and Hammond (48 Hrs.), and even James Caan and that extraterrestrial mother f*cker from Alien Nation all make appearances in this lovingly-crafted tribute to the now ubiquitous genre. More modern self-aware pairings such as Gamble and Hoitz (The Other Guys), Angel and Butterman (Hot Fuzz) and Schmidt and Jenko (21 Jump Street) are also along for the ride.

Considering it's a montage, I'm not realy sure it needs much of a set up. But since I get paid by the word, I'll end by saying "I'm getting too old for this sh*t." Enjoy!

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