This Bronie Is Really Angry

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bill-swift - May 14, 2014

I'll admit that I don't get the whole Bronie thing. I've watched the My Little Pony show a couple of times and I can't understand why thousands of obese or painfully thin nerds love this show that much. Far be it from me to tell people how to live their lives but...this show seems like a hugenormous waste of time and money. There is no denying that Bronies are really passionate about their favorite show. Take the young man in this video. He has a pretty shabby neckbeard, a Journey t-shirt, an extra 100 pounds, and of course a fedora. He's very angry about a character named Celestia. I watched the video twice and it makes as much sense to me as someone reading the manual of a 1978 8-track player in Mandarin. This video is not aimed at me.

Still, it's fun to watch this guy get his pressure up about a show about cartoon ponies.

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