The Way Pete Davidson Introduced Miley Cyrus On SNL Is His Best Work Yet

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Sam Robeson - December 18, 2018


Pete Davidson is having a meltdown - one that I’m not personally sympathetic to, but a meltdown no less - and the way the public is being forced to engage with this downward spiral should go down in sociology history. This feels weird. Again, I can’t reiterate enough that I don’t care about Pete Davidson, but this is weird. This is kinda fucked.

Machine Gun Kelly, Ariana Grande, the NYPD, and pretty much just half of the world flocked to NBC’s studios in New York City on Saturday night when Davidson - in attendance for his five seconds of screen time during SNL - posted a suicide-y note on Instagram. The police found Davidson to be okay, but America was shook af. It was cool to shit on Britney Spears when she was damn near death a decade ago, and it’s cool to dog on Tara Reid when her face and body are the biggest cries for help in all of Hollywood, but for some reason Pete Davidson is off limits. Go fig.

According to TMZ, Davidson was scheduled to appear in some skits during Saturday’s SNL, but was cut, most likely due to the fact that he’s a psychopath. However, the thirstiest piece of shit in the biz, Lorne Michaels, actually kept in Davidson just long enough to introduce musical guest Miley Cyrus. And Davidson really does bring the house down. Basically he talks like he’s just been hit with enough Thorazine to take down Godzilla.

Lorne Michaels is so damn thirsty for ratings that he planted Chris Rock in the SNL audience to document yet another bipolar butt plug, Kanye West, have one of his MAGA-fueled meltdowns on stage earlier this year. Michaels wasn’t about to not capitalize on Davidson’s media coverage Saturday night, and might as well have had a gun to Davidson’s back as he introduced Cyrus’ stupid song like he was notifying us of her passing. And again. His best work by far.

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