The Top 10 Hottest Women Gamers are Here to Surprise, Confuse and Arouse (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - August 22, 2013

Now, we all know there's a certain stigma attached to the word ‘gamer.' You have to damn well earn that distinction. Is grandma a gamer because she once flailed the Wiimote around --breaking a hip in the process-- in a futile attempt to bowl the ball in Wii Sports six years ago? She is not.

Our favorite trouser-troubling celebrities, then, rarely warrant appearances in such lists. They're generally far too busy forgetting to put their underwear on before emerging gracefully/exhibitionist-ily from limos, or issuing restraining orders, to devote the necessary time to the hobby.

Still, trinhket's compilation above brings us those lustable ladies who do have... some kind of link to gaming. Jessica Alba, for instance, allegedly "grew up playing classic Nintendo games such as Bomberman, Pac-Man and Super Mario Brothers" (-complex), while Mila Kunis is "not only... the biggest "World of Warcraft" fan, but she's also addicted to "Call of Duty." (-adanai). So ignore the faint odor of B.S, and spend one minute of your working day's precious ogling allowance the right way.

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