The Only Five Classic Movies We Wanna See Re-Released in 3D! (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - April 9, 2013

In light of Jurassic Park being re-released in 3D over the weekend, it got me thinking, what other classic movies are worthy of a 3D release? Sure, you could do it to every movie ever, but that is just silly and a waste of time. Obviously some movies are better equipped for the 3D experience, Jurassic Park for example was a great choice; big ass dinosaurs jumping around corners flashing their toothy smiles makes for some intense grip your seat tightly moments. Therefore I have compiled a list of other classic films I think we should re-watch in 3D and provided some of their best clips. Let's start with those that just missed the cut, for some reason or another.

Honorable Mention

Independence Day (1996) - If only to see Will Smith punch an alien.

True Lies (1994) - If not for the constant barrage of consistent cable air time in the 2000's and the tiredness of the movie as a result, this flick was a decently big success originally and offered a lot of action. All you really would need in 3D though is the scene where Arnold fires the guy attached to a missile into a helicopter. That would make for one of the cheesiest lines ever, mixed with some of the greatest use of 3D in film.

Indiana Jones (1981) - Unfortunately this franchise was bastardized with the latest film, and the option to see it live at any Disney theme park doesn't help either.

And now to the top 5 ...

5) Jumanji (1995)

Robin Williams is such a character and watching clips of this flick reminded me how charming and fun he makes this story. A really solid family movie from top to bottom, not to mention with all the stampedes, earthquakes and monkeys, I am quite shocked this movie hasn't yet been offered in a 3D variety. Studios love the wide appeal of a PG film, and I think it is only a matter of time before this thought becomes a reality ...

4) Cliffhanger (1993)

Generally I am a pretty stoic guy, but I have been known to cry a few times, and 99% of those tears are a direct result of me watching a Sylvester Stallone movie. I simply love the guy's body of work and as a fellow man, you have to appreciate what he brings to the big screen. Thinking about that now, any number of Sly's movies could be done in 3D, but I chose Cliffhanger. People swinging from rocks, amazing vistas and legit explosions throughout, this movie wouldn't quit throwing things at you dimensionally from start to finish ...

3) The Mask (1994)

Everybody loves cartoons, and The Mask is the closest we have ever gotten to a live action cartoon. From gizmos to props to ridiculous facials, all of it would make for great 3D viewing. Plus it wouldn't hurt to get the old Jim Carrey back, he has been missed ...

2) Ghostbusters (1984)

One word, blasters! Those things would freak me the eff out in 3D on the big screen. Or at the least they would be really fun to watch. Add in ghosts flying all over and a giant marshmallow man and you have a pretty well rounded 3D picture. Also, this is something that could tie over the die hard fans while they stupidly wait for a third film in the franchise ...

1) Jaws (1975)

Sorry but this seems absolutely, unequviocially obvious to both be done in 3D and be #1 on this list. Since its debut, Jaws has left everyone debating whether or not they should ever step foot in water again, and in 3D I think it is safe to say no one ever would. Teeth play well in 3D - again see Jurassic Park - and so a movie named after them makes perfect sense. Also, this would play well on a date, you would have your lady gripping to you harder than panties have to on a pregnant Kim Kardashian.

And there you have it, the top 5 classic films I would like to see in 3D! What do you think of the list? What movies did I miss? I doubt a great movie mind like mine missed any, but if you disagree let me know in the comments below!

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