The New Jason Bourne Trailer Has 100% More Punching

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michael-garcia - July 5, 2016

Matt Damon is back as killing machine/secret agent/memory loss victim Jason Bourne in the 5th installment of the film series. He took some time off from playing the ass kicking hero to get stranded on Mars for a year. In the meantime, Jeremy Renner took up the mantle of Bourne. I have to say that I don't like that guy. He looks like a constipated ferret. But Damon is instantly likable. You want to root for him even when he's the bad guy, like in The Departed. You kind of wanted him to beat DiCaprio and Wahlberg. This latest installment of the Bourne films reunites Damon with Paul Greengrass who directed the best of the series. 

I think these movies kick ass. They are non-stop action. Again, except for the Jeremy Renner one. Screw that guy. 

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