The NBA Season Starts in Two Weeks, but Let’s Take a Look at the Dance Teams Now

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michael-garcia - October 19, 2012

Our admiration for the cheerleaders of the NFL is well documented around here, but don't worry, we also applaud the hard working women of the hardwood, yes the dance teams of the NBA. These ladies do have some distinct advantages over their football counterparts. For one, weather is never an issue, so while NFL cheerleaders are battling the harsh winter elements in some cities, NBA arenas are climate controlled all season long. No winter outfits in basketball.

NBA dance teams also change outfits at a much higher rate, so they have that going for them. The point is, we will make every effort to give them as much attention as we do to the NFL cheerleaders. It's tough, but we're doing it for you. So here's a look at some of the preseason action so far in the NBA.

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