The Late Night Wars Are Like Real Wars, Only With Bad Punchlines and Desk Pieces

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bill-swift - April 2, 2013

Last week Conan O'Brien made headlines for a bunch of jokes he didn't make. His former employer, NBC, decided to take another stab at replacing the entirely unfunny Jay Leno with the younger and hipper host of NBC's Late Night—this time Jimmy Fallon—but Conan decided to take the high road, and his lack of jabs at the ridiculous situation didn't go unnoticed.

However, it probably wasn't class or decency that prevented O'Brien from making us all laugh at NBC's expense. It was probably just that he was too busy solidifying his own career at TBS, as today the network announced they had extended Conan's contract through 2015.

Obviously, the timing of this announcement in itself is a subtle commentary on the Fallon v. Leno controversy at NBC. In sharing their news, TBS made sure to note O'Brien's success with younger viewers—presumably the very demographic NBC is trying to rustle up for itself. You see, while Leno's audience has a median age of 58.1 and Fallon's a median age of 53.3, O'Brien's audience has a median age of 39.7.

TBS will take that.

Now watch Conan do a celebratory "Job Security" dance:

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