The Expendables 2 Video Game Yells at You in This New Trailer (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - July 11, 2012

I love "Everybody Hates Chris" in reruns and that means I dig the guy that plays fake Chris Rock's fake dad on the show, Terry Crews. After watching this trailer for The Expendables 2 Video Game, where Crews has his impossibly white teeth way too close to the lap of a disembodied gamer holding a controller, I'm second guessing how I feel about Terry Crews.

What hasn't changed is my perspective on The Expendables. Both the upcoming sequel film and video game occupy the same space in my internal Opinionator 3000 at this point. So, yeah. Watch the trailer for the Expendables 2 Video Game and then, if you're up for it, risk your current comfort level by watching this scene from Friday After Next featuring Terry Crews.