The Era of the Stylish Fantasy Football Dork Begins with ’47 Brand

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bill-swift - September 4, 2014

The holiday-free month of August is a time for hordes of European tourists to roam free and for real Americans to set their internet machines to "football" as they jump into that most intense of faux social activities: their fantasy football drafts. The ultra hip folks at '47 Brand are on a mission to ensure that fantasy football nerds everywhere can gear up in authentic NFL merchandise that looks good whether you're downing beer and nachos or pondering the significance of gluten-free hand- crafted ales and gourmet tortilla chips glazed with artisanal cheeses.

You could waddle into the sweaty man pit that is your fantasy football draft in last year's replica game jersey but since your team got rid of the guy whose jersey you're wearing, that name and number likely have no meaning to you. Going with a classic look featuring team logos and comfortable fabrics that you can actually wear outside of your fantasy football gathering makes good football sense and good fashion sense.  While you should be trying to impress your fantasy football buddies with your knowledge of San Francisco's primetime tendencies in November so you can make the right 7th round pick (2nd RB, for sure), your look while you're doing it can give you the psychological advantage you need.

A fantasy football player who wears a comfortable and fashionable t-shirt with that vintage alternate "49ers" logo is going to get in his opponent's head. First, you're relaxed so you're not pitting out with sweat as you maneuver your laptop and print outs looking for that perfect late round steal. Second, and most importantly, by going with the retro logo and gear you're letting everybody know that you're a true fan from way back. Even if you're not old enough to have seen that logo in its original natural habitat, you're showing appreciation for your team's tradition. Because it's an alternate logo, you're putting an edge on your whole presentation. You're saying "You don't know me. You only think you do, suckas." Your weak-minded opponents will  be sure to forget about the bounce back potential in that Pittsburgh Defense this year  and Dick Lebeau's boys will be waiting for you in whatever round you want them. That's how you succeed in a grown man's game.

At '47 Brand, every NFL team has a full collection of gear including hats, shirts and more hats that won't cost you an arm and a leg like some throwback gear outlets. Walking the fine line between dorked-out super fan who sports overpriced jerseys of overhyped rookies and clueless newb in an ironic t-shirt and overly tight jeans shouldn't be as tough as it is. It's time to find your team and gear up like the sophisticated football fan you've always wanted to be.

And don't get suckered by San Francisco's defense this year.

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