‘The Dark Knight Rises’ EgoReader Movie Review (Courtesy of Our Contest Winner)

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bill-swift - July 21, 2012

Thanks for staying up to 6:00am writing reviews for us instead of playing Halo online with your friend from Vancouver. The response was tremendous and the general consensus seems to be that you all think The Dark Knight Rises is the biggest, brutalist, battiest Batman movie yet (I know what you're thinking, 'Even more so than Batman and Robin?').  Many thanks to everyone who submitted!

But like every great superhero movie showdown, there can only be one man (or woman, in our dreams) left standing. So congrats to Derek Simon for his awesome review of The Dark Knight Rises.

The Dark Knight Rises is insane. This is not an endorsement of how great it is or a lamentation of how bad it is. It's just a fact: TDKR is the craziest movie you'll ever see. More happens in TDKR than every Marvel film that led up to The Avengers combined. It does much of what Avengers does, but better, so you'll be left looking back on Avengers as if it's a parody that exists within the universe of Tropic Thunder. Good or bad (and it's very good), TDKR makes you wonder why any other movie even bothers to try.

We are off here shortly to see the movie ourselves with our One-Word (99 less than Derek) Review to come this afternoon.