The Burger King Whopperito Is An Abomination

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michael-garcia - August 10, 2016

I spent part of my childhood in Mexico and the rest in Texas so I know a thing or two about a burrito. When done properly it is a magnificent feast for the senses. When done badly it's still pretty good. But I'm sure without even having tried it that Burger King's latest Frankenstein's monster of a creation is downright terrible. It is called a Whopperito and it is exactly what you would expect. It takes the beef, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and pickles from a regular Whopper and wraps in in a tortilla with a queso sauce. You might as well just drop it in the toilet because that is where it is going to end up soon after eating in the form of explosive diarrhea. Look, I'm not one of those people that says everything has to be "authentic". That's a nonsense term any way. The food of Mexico varies from region to region so there is no monolithic "Mexican food". However I know this isn't it.

The Whopperito should come with a warning label that eating it will lead to self hatred and despair. There is no way that eating a Whopperito will lead to good things. 

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