The Breakfast After: Anybody Want Some Baconnaise With Their Bacon?

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bill-swift - December 27, 2012

Bacon is awesome. Mayonnaise is, too. So there's no reason why mixing these two awesome foods won't result in something even more awesome. I tried doing this with my food processor once and it wasn't as good as I imagined. I guess you have to leave stuff like this to the pros, and while it took longer than I wanted, they've finally done it.

Gents and gents, check out Empire's awesome Bacon Mayonnaise. It's mayonnaise with all the awesome sweetness and smokiness of bacon without the actual meat.

They say you can use it as a substitute for bacon, but I say why not use it with bacon? After all, there's no substituting the real thing, so why even try?

Get It: $9

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