Tennessee’s Derek Dooley and Nine Other College Football Coaches on the Hot Seat

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bill-swift - November 2, 2012

From the outside looking in being a college football coach looks like one of the coolest jobs on earth. Not only are you working in football (and how can that not be the absolute coolest?), but I can only imagine how nice it is to go to work and pass by all the hot coeds. How did Matthew McConaughey character put in Dazed and Confused?

"That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age."

A statement that applies to college girls just as much I imagine...I'm just saying...

The only problem with being a college football head coach is that you feel the love when you are winning, but when you are not you quickly become persona non grata. A number of schools are accustomed to winning, and will not put up with too many losing or sub-par seasons before looking for new leadership. Some even do it just because you don't win enough!

Job security is something is more of an afterthought than a reality. Idaho's Robb Akey found that out last week when he was let go after a 1-7 start this season (and a 2-10 finish last season). Before the season is done it would not be surprising to see a few more heads roll, but by season's end it is almost a certainty that a few guys will be looking for work.

Rumors have surrounded a number of coaches this season, chief among them Tennessee's Derek Dooley, Texas's Mack Brown, and Arkansas's John L. Smith. Check out the gallery for a look at them and a some other guys that may want to update their resumes.

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