Tattooed Beauty Jemma Lucy Stuns In A Snakeskin Bikini

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aldo-vallon - April 23, 2018

I hope snakeskin holds up better against water than leather does; otherwise the lifespan of that bikini is going to be short lived. That would be a shame too. It isn’t often that I see snakeskin on anything other than cowboy boots at a honky tonk bar.

I don’t have the confidence to wear any animal skin aside from leather. I know it will get a lot of looks, both admiring and disapproving, and I do not think that I can withstand that degree of scrutiny. If I could then I would be traipsing around in all sorts of different fur coats. Mink, chinchilla, fox. I don’t care. The coats are already out there and the animals are already dead, so it isn’t like not wearing them would be doing them any good. The way I see it, not wearing them would be like letting the animals die in vain.

It does seem like animal activists really seem to focus their efforts on fur, and toss snake and alligator skin to the wayside. Maybe it has something to do with the risk involved with cuddling either of those, while a chinchilla just kind of lies there.


Photo Credit: Twitter / Backgrid USA / Instagram