Tahan Lew Bikinis Up for Big Brother Fame Continuation

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bill-swift - March 7, 2014

Australia is no different than the U.S.. I mean, everybody says 'gday' and the toilets flush backwards, but their reality show hotties still manage to fill their gossip rag pages and get themselves noticed for having wicked hot bodies.

Tahan Lew made a name for herself on the recent run of Big Brother in Australia. She's involved in some sort of dustup with bloggers and columnists over in the land Down Under over allegations of things nobody cares about nearly as much as how this hot brunette looks in a bikini. Which we now happily know and leer and notice. I'd say she looks damn fine. Which means, my tolerance for her shenanigans just went sky high. I'm a sucker for sextastic ladies. Personal behavior is vastly overrated. Enjoy.