True Detective

Vince Vaughn May Sign on for Season 2 of ‘True Detective’

No world yet on Owen Wilson

According to Variety, which has what real journalists like to call “sources,” Vince Vaughn is in negotiations to star in Season 2 of HBO’s smash hit limited series True Detective. And if this pans out, that’s obviously some pretty fantastic news for Vaughn.

After a string of huge hits from 2003 through 2005 that includes Old School, Starsky & Hutch, Dodgeball, and The Wedding Crashers, Vaughn has hit a pretty serious drought that includes flops like Couples Retreat, The Watch, and The Internship. The man could definitely use a role that gives people a break from his fast-talking smart-ass schtick (and his laid back sidekick, Owen Wilson), and a show like True Detective, which brought on last year’s McConnaissance—i.e., the renaissance of Matthew McConaughey—is perfect.

There’s no word yet on what role Vaughn would play in Season 2 of True Detective, but we do know the show’s producers are trying to rope in Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch (plus a female actor to be named later) to play detectives. So my money is on Vaughn playing the bad guy. Which would be fantastic. The guy couldn’t hold a candle to Tony Perkins in 1998 Psycho remake, but he was still pretty damn creepy.

Stay tuned, True Detectives fans.


HBO Wants Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch, Plus a Female Lead to Be Named Later for Season 2 of ‘True Detective’

In case you’re late to the party, HBO’s crime drama True Detective is really effing great. Starring Woody Harrelson and the resurgent Matthew McConaughey, it premiered back in January, wrapped up in March, and just yesterday earned itself whole slew of Emmy nominations.

Here’s the thing, though. True Detective is one of them “anthology” series, which means every season will have a completely new storyline, a completely new set of characters and, thus, a completely new cast. And given how much ass Harrelson and McConaughey kicked, it’s not going to be easy for the second season to live up to the first.

However, word on the street (and by street I mean internet) today is that HBO is gunning for Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch for the two male leads, which is good news for fans of the series. Farrell has turned into quite a fine actor in recent years, and while Kitsch’s John Carter and Battleship both sucked, he was great in Friday Night Lights.

Will Season 2 of True Detective be as good as Season 1? That remains to be seen. But if these casting rumors pan out, it probably won’t suck.


Redux: Alexandra Daddario Nekkid True Detective Perfect Boobtastic in Improved Color and Squeez-a-Vision!

Alexandra Daddario Topless in True Detective
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Well, okay, Squeez-A-Vision doesn’t exist yet, but the guy who invents this technology for the web is certainly going to be a bazillionaire. We just had to share these revised pictures of Alexandra Daddario topless and otherwise full bushy frontal from what is certain to be regarded as one of the finest pieces on skin on screen performances this year in True Detective. It came out in January but rest assured come December it won’t be forgotten on Top 10 lists, if not for the top prize altogether.

Alexandra Daddario is an actress of modest fame with a body and set of ridiculously hot funbags that now leave her name etched on the brain of ten million men’s collective libidos. It happens that fast when you look like Alexandra and you’re not afraid to share your gifts with the world. Bless you, again, Alexandra, and bless that heavenly body of yours. Enjoy.

Alexandra Daddario Topless Redux in Enhanced Technicolor (How Do Her Funbags Match Up to Emily Ratajkowski?)

High-Res Screencaps of Alexandra Daddario Topless Scene in True Detective
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Being that they are some of the most epic topless celebrity pictures of 2014, and given that we now have a chance to see them in much sweeter visual resolution, let us take another look at the ridiculously fine funbags, and a bit of the furbag, of Alexandra Daddario from True Detective. As always, I have to measuring stick these glorious globes against my current standard for quality, Emily Ratajkowski. And, as always, I shirk away from the responsbility of having to say which large bits of heaven I think are more heavenly. A more than difficult choice. But what says you?

Better Yabbos: Alexandra Daddario or Emily Ratajkowski

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See Emily Ratajkowski Topless for Treats! »

Mr. Skin Has a Special Offer in Honor of Alexandra Daddario’s Beautiful Bare Knockers


I guess everybody needs to honor something in their lives. The good and naughty folks at Mr. Skin are honoring the epic reveal this past week of Alexandra Daddario and her glorious topless parts in HBO’s True Detective. It really was one of the more epic introductions of a wonderful chest that I can recall in all my 137 years of doing this kind of work.

Out of respect to Alexandra’s amazing hooters, Mr. Skin is inviting EgoReaders to come check out the Percy Jackson starlets bare udders on their site as well as the entire rest of their immense TV and movie hottie archive. You could think of worse ways to waste your time at the office or school. Just saying. And, now, just watching Alexandra. She really has made quite a splash. Enjoy.

Alexandra Daddario Topless, Lili Simmons Topless, Jessica Parker Kennedy Topless in The Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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Lo and behold. Or just hold on tight, because it’s a new year and a new 12-months of Boob Tube Roundup, with many new shows and some of our favorite skin-baring fare on the small screen coming back for new seasons. Boobs really do spring eternal in the winter time.

This week’s Boob Tube Roundup features a clear and epic look at Alexandra Daddario from Percy Jackson film legend now quite bodacious and topless in True Detective on HBO, Lili Simmons in one stellar fine topless self-pleasuring scene in Banshee, one wicked action show on Cinemax, Jessica Parker Kennedy baring her top for lesbionic lust in the new series Black Sails on Starz, and Gabby Hoffman flashing her full frontal bush on Girls on HBO. It’s a lot of T & A and it really only is on the home screen. Wonderful times we live in. Enjoy.

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Alexandra Daddario Topless in True Detective; an Epic First Peek at Alexandra’s Sweet Teats

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Oh, glorious glorious day. In case you happened to fall in deep lust with Alexandra Daddario at least by the time she was in Percy Jackson a few years ago, then you’ve been waiting and longing and praying for the day she would unfurl her faptastic funbags in a public and frontal type manner.

Enter HBO’s new anthology crime drama, True Detective, stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson and premieres on January 12. But who can wait for epic boobtastic? Not I, said the ogle bear. If this doesn’t whet your appetite for an upcoming show, I’m not sure what will. Consider me President of the Fan Club already. Maybe secretary-treasurer. I’m not good with big responsibility.

Oh, Alexandra, you’ve already made my 2014 with your amazing puppies. Just outstanding. Enjoy.