This is 40

Megan Fox Little Black Bikini Puts The Perfect 10 in ‘This is 40′

Megan Fox can do no wrong in our book. Well, with the monster exception of getting married to and knocked up by Brian Austin Green Self-Employed, the brunette model and occasional thespianic just reminds of us the girls we just knew our future held when we were inexplicably taking long baths at the age of twelve.

Now, perhaps things didn’t pan out exactly as planned in those halcyon days of self-discovery, but we still get to see the likes of Megan Fox in a little black bikini in This Is 40, a movie we hear very mixed reviews about, but by the mere fact that Megan Fox appears in a bikini, we are now male-honor bound to see it.

Oh, Foxy, you complete us, just as our mom yelling at us to get out of the damn bathtub forced us to a premature but similar resolution. Enjoy.

Leslie Mann Not Really Topless in ‘This Is 40′ (This Is Some Kind of Heinous JouJou)


So, here we go again. Technology has put us on the brink of artificially intelligent androids taking over the planet and enslaving human beings for food and mitochondrial energy, and, worse, Hollywood has figured out how to give actresses not willing to show their real boobs some quite high-quality fake funbags to flash onscreen. It’s some devious combination of prosthetics and lighting and maybe a hint of CGI or some such halfway benevolent technology being now used for such illicit and destructive purposes.

The latest crime in this regard is Leslie Mann and her bare-puppy in the upcoming Judd Apatow film, This Is 40, the sequel of some sorts to Knocked Up, which was a good movie, and devoid of fake knocker flashes as far as we know. For Leslie Mann, Judd’s wife, this is her second such offense in regard to artificially flaunted melons onscreen. Two strikes and you’re out, Leslie, as far as we’re concerned.

Hollywood might think they have us commoners as willing participants to this skin-ruse, but let’s see how they feel when we start paying for movie tickets with fake money. Not so cute now, is it?