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Coco Austin Oiled Up For Show

It seems to go hand in hand that when Coco Austin starts flashing her copious amounts of skin, oil somehow gets involved in the mix. And considering the amount of skin to be covered in the thumper area alone, this is no small production line item. Oil, twenty gallons, check.

Coco put her world-famous bodacious booty on display for Show Magazine, letting the light captures every square inch of her acreage of ass-bottom. If you’re the photographer, you know it’s time to call in the bigger lenses. If you’re the viewer, well, it’s up to you how you choose to widen your depth of field, anatomically speaking. Coco is many things, but one thing she is not is hard to miss. Have ginormous bottom will travel. Enjoy.
Photo Credit: Show Magazine

Mylene Thompson Because Topless Busty Asian Are Still Three of My Favorite Words Ever

Mylene Thompson Topless Photoshoot for Show Magazine 2014
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I’m sticking with the hot bosomy girls of the Asian variety for the time being. The exotic sextastic is on a role, including now Mylene Thompson, who is baring her swell funbags in SHOW Magazine this very month. I’m not going to suggest there’s something extra special about how girls with an Asian flare and bosomy bare boobtasitc. But I am most definitely going to think it.

Mylene Thompson has the chest of a woman from whom I would gladly take orders. I’m not submissive by nature, but I’m more than willing to learn from the right woman with the spectacular ta-ta’s and the appropriate amount of experience to sting, but not injure with her riding crop. It would make for a fun weekend. Or year. Mylene, call me. I’m in the book under slightly desperate or desperately horny. Cross reference and dial. I’m already packed. Enjoy.

Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin in See-Through Lingerie for Show Magazine

Massively endowed beauty Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin did a revealing spread for Show Magazine in see-through lingerie. She wore a backless neglige thing that was completely transparent and forgot to wear a bra underneath. This allows us a full view of her enormous funbags. These are Santa’s sack sized bags of fun, my friends. You get to see the scope of them in the rest of the photos in which a series of bras try, in vain, to contain those chi-chis with their puny fibers. Good luck. The pics also give us a bird’s eye view of Coco’s splendid booty. She’s pretty much the total package. I just want to lay my head between those lady pillows and drift off to dreamy dream land where I will see visions of bouncing love jugs in my head.

Buying this lingerie for your lady will inevitably a let down. I don’t know your girl, but I can almost guarantee she won’t look like Coco. Unless you date Coco in which case, congrats!

Tahiry Booty Is… Well, Magical in SHOW

I must admit, I’m not super well educated on the world of hip hop video girls, reality show stars, or girls who have been with Drake, but I do know asstastic, and Tahiry, well, she’s got something going on in that department.

Featured in SHOW magazine, the badonkadonk of this Love and Hip Hop reality actress is quite, well, gravitational. I’m not exactly sure how I would approach Tahiry, but I’m guessing it could take weeks to work around her backside, like travel in mountainous regions of the world before tunneling was invented. I’m sure many of you will say it’s too much, but for the brave few of you who are hitching up your ropes and tackle pulleys to take on this challenge, adventure awaits. Enjoy.

Draya Michele Booty Pointing Goodness for Show Magazine

As a disclaimer, I’m not exactly sure who the hell Draya Michele is, but I do like looking at her.

I know she’s one of the stars of Basketball Wives, though she’s never been married to a basketball player (now that’s the reality of reality shows), and I know she let Chris Brown into her inner sanctum over the course of a few months, because fame is a bitch, and so is Chris Brown. I know she calls herself a model and designer, which coincidentally, is what I call myself on long weekend vacations down to Ensenada.

But, pushing past all the bullshit, there’s no denying that Draya Michele has some serious bodily assets, the measure of with are on display currently in SHOW magazine, with the lady of many inexplicable and self-proclaimed talents putting several of her verifiable talents on bending and contorting display in a little bikini. Ignore the big picture, keep focus on the sweet booty, and, trust me, this will be a pleasurable escapade. Enjoy.

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