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Kelly Brook Bikini Pimping Her Hot Body in Two Pieces of Self-Designed Goodness

I’m trying to asses if my feelings of passion for Kelly Brook are heightened by her designing her own line of bikini swimwear she’s modeling for New Look. I don’t typically have feelings one way or another for anything fashion, but I am imagining how many times Kelly tried on samples in the mirror to see if her outragrously curvaceous female form fit ever so snugly and barely into the bikinis. Oh, to be a fly on her sugar walls.

Kelly Brook is one of my all-time favorite lady lovable sextastic celebrities. She always seems to have the perfect smile to match her killer soft curves. Her boobtastic alone makes her a winner in my book of deviant thoughts, the idea that she’s designing bikini tops to temporarily cover her chest muffins sort of heightens the tease. Though this could merely be a case of me kissing Kelly’s ass so she’ll finally agree to meet. I’m searching my soul for honesty these days. Enjoy.

Kelly Brook’s New Look Is Her Continuing Hot Look

Kelly Brook can do no wrong in my book. I could see Kelly coming out of a bank with a gun and police chasing after her and I’d open the getaway car door for her and ask her if she wasn’t in jail later if maybe she wanted to grab some pints and watch the telly (I’m working on my British). And now that Kelly is pimping her own line of clothes through New Look, we get a regular and routine chance to see the curvy model and occasional actress decked out in her own fine-fitting fashion forms, showing off that naughty-thoughts generating body of hers.

I can’t imagine a time when I will ever tire of imagining running the tip of my finger over every curve on Kelly’s body. Or a time when I can stop pretending that by finger I mean finger. Enjoy.

Kelly Brook Fully-Dressed And Still Burning Holes In Our Libidos

Way too many clothes to call this anything close to a classic, but when Kelly Brook sent out photos of her new designs for New Look, we couldn’t help but imagine all the fun things going on underneath her fine custom fashions.

The Kelly Brook body has to be considered one of the premiere curvaceous forms among the lusters of all things female and full-bodied (count us in that camp), so a mere sweater or sheer dress is hardly going to stop us from imagining her stepping out of such clothing as she enters the magical boudoir of the Comfort Inn Suite we reserve for the weekend for the express purpose of wet, hot, sloppy, snogging. I’d check with the good folks at the Comfort Inn to ensure they actually swap out the comforter if you’re the next guest. Enjoy.