Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr Wonderbra, Wonder Everything, I Wish It Were Legal to Eat Her

Miranda Kerr simply won’t quit pimping the bras. They call them Wonderbras. Which I think is simply any bra Miranda Kerr wears. As in, I wonder if she knows every man in the world is imagining her taking it off as she steps slowly toward them and tells them she hasn’t been tickled properly in ages. Maybe that’s just me, but I bet it’s you too.

Miranda Kerr’s career has suffered little since leaving Victoria’s Secret. She hardly seems bereft of lingerie companies desperate to move their merch by way of her uber-sextastic appeals. There were rumors she was difficult to work with, which I’m not sure really are relevant to one of the world’s hottest women. So what. Say, yes, Ms. Kerr, anything you want Ms. Kerr, and you’ll be fine. I’m doing that right now just looking at her photos. If she threw her cell phone at me I’d only be more in love. Hurt me, Miranda. Starting with that Wonderbra. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Wonderbra

Miranda Kerr Looks Good In A Bra And Other Fine Things To Ogle


Miranda Kerr‘s boobs and thumper make life worth living. (The Superficial)

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Herminone…err…Emma Watson wears a deep cleav jumpsuit. (Huffington Post)

Taylor Swift surprises Victoria’s Secret fans with her underpants. (TMZ)

Natalie Gall rolls around nekkid on a bed. That is all. (Hollywood Tuna)

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Miranda Kerr Bra and Panties Pimping Softly, But Stiffly, for Wonderbra

I know now that I was born not to play baseball. It took me six different coaches across several years begging me to find a new interest and a .112 batting average before I finally got the hint. What I was born to do, well, you’re reading it everyday I hope, you loyal above average educated beautiful readers. For Miranda Kerr, I bet the path to getting to be what Mother Nature intended for her was far more simple. Nobody wants to tell a young girl someday you’ll grow up and model skimpy lingerie, but I bet some people were thinking it in tbe backs of their heads. And, voila, Miranda is simply one of the single most sextastic purveyors of bras and panties among the seven billion or so human lifeforms roaming the planet.

Pimping for Wonderbra, Miranda Kerr shows exactly why she gets paid the big bucks to make women want to buy the bras she’s wearing. If I were a woman (c’mon, shooting star, pay off, please) I’d want to look like Miranda Kerr under my clothes, over my clothes, out of my clothes, and most especially during bubble bath with a mirror on the ceiling private fun time. Especially then. Oh, Miranda, it’s not only possible you’ve gotten hotter in the past five years, it’s most certainly true. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: GSI

Miranda Kerr’s Mighty Cleav And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Miranda Kerr‘s cleavage lit up all of New York City. (The Superficial)

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Miranda Kerr WonderBody Used to Pimp the WonderBras

Here’s an idea. If you’re selling bras and panties, why not get one of the hottest women in the entire world with an outrageously hot body to make your undergarments look simply stellar? There, I just saved you an untold amount of money on marketing and advertising ideating and social influencing and brainstorming. Voila. Hot bodies equal hot bras.

Miranda Kerr has been doing might fine for herself since leaving the Victoria’s Secret stables, picking up numerous key lingerie modeling contracts because she’s simply one of the finest lingerie models in the world. Simply perfect. She’s currently putting the wonder in Wonderbra, making every bit of underwear look like it was painted on by Michelangelo, which is my porn stage name for those not in the know. I’m not business genius, but I’m a boobs and butt genius and I know Miranda Kerr is going to boost sales among women and some other kinds of boosting among men I can’t mention explicitly because this is a family friendly site. Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr Goes Super Deep on Cleavage To Make Fashion Week Interesting

Another day, another Fashion Week. And for all my bitching, yet another chance to see tons of the world’s hottest models trying to outdo each other both on the catwalk and in the audience. That’s not such a bad thing really. In fact it’s a really great thing when the likes of uber-MILFtastic Miranda Kerr shows up to some hoity-toity show in a plunging neckline that plunges straight to my happy nether regions.

The Aussie model and world class hot divorcee was showing off an acre or two of her chesty goodness behind some frock I’m sure costs more than my paycheck. My annual paycheck. Nevertheless, I’d trade all my earthy riches, or about $78.22, for a chance to help Miranda Kerr test the funbag containing worthiness of her gown. How those lovely peaches stay in their crates I do not know. But I wish they hadn’t. What a delicious sight indeed. Fashion doesn’t have to be boring, it just usually is. Today, Miranda Kerr does her best to make it compelling for men as well. Well played, good woman. Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr Uses Sextastic Appeal to Pimp Denim (VIDEO)

I couldn’t possibly name you more than two jeans companies, but apparently there are like a thousand, for women mostly, and they use wicked hot body ambassadors like Miranda Kerr to pimp their pantaloons. And why not choose Miranda Kerr to pimp just about anything related to the female body. She happens to have a pretty damn nice one. While she’s been in the news of late in betwixt two tools claiming her as their past prize, it’s best just to think of Miranda as the topless woman who can make you feel special enough to get your credit card out and start buying anything that touches her skin.

Check out this Sebastian Faena photoshoot of Miranda pushing 7Obssession jean things and the related photoshoot. You may never been the same. Enjoy.