KIIS FM Jingle Ball

Charli XCX Deep Cleavage Nipple Pokes Hotness at 103.5 KISS FM’s Jingle Ball 2014 Backstage

Boobtacular pop princess Charli XCX was busting out of her cleavtastic jumpsuit at 103.5 KISS FM’s Jingle Ball. This thing had a plunging neckline that left little to the imagination. Charli has a pretty spectacular rack made all the better by her penchant for showing it off. It must have been chilly there because there was definitely some nipple pokeage going on that night. Some people criticize these young girl singers for being hyper sexualized. I say it’s a good thing. There is nothing wrong with young ladies looking up to girls that happen to dress in little to no clothes. Feminism doesn’t mean being frumpy.

I wonder how I snag an invite to next year’s Jingle Ball? It was a veritable schmorgasbord of hotties. I’d like to eat at that buffet table of sexiness.

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Ariana Grande Red Hot Performance at the Jingle Ball (Oh, Yes, They Were Jingling)

As far as musical performance go, well, the visual performance at the Jingle Ball were well worth the price of admission if you’re good at jumping fences. Chief among them my belusted little hottie Ariana Grande flashing bottom and hot legs and her minxy female form in an irrepressible red. Or flaming red. Or just red hot to the touch but you’re still going to touch because you can’t help yourself. That latter color might be it.

Ariana Grande is building herself a nice career out of her catty female form and strutting across the stage in showy outfits. I couldn’t respect her accomplishments more. This is the very best of pop music and the most relatable portion for grown men. Oh, how I’d like to relate to Ariana in her little short skirts and showy tops. I’d learn a few of her songs as needed. There’s no limit to which I won’t support my own game. Enjoy.

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Maria Menounos and Ariana Grande Highlight the Hotness at The KIIS FM Jingle Ball

Sure, there was Miley and Selena and others, but for me, the iHeart Jingle Ball at Staples Center belonged to Maria Menounos in her short black leather dress on the red carpet, and leggy minxy hottie Ariana Grande on stage.

Just staring down Maria had me sweating, looking for any flaws I knew I’d not find in her perfect female form shown off so fiendishly tempting in her body hugging little leather dress. If I had gone through Maria’s closets, after three hours spent sniffing her lingerie, I probably would have chosen this very same dress for her. As for Ariana, she is just getting more and more smoking with each appearance. She’s starting to own events flush with her more popular peers. With those legs and those looks, the sky is the limit. And while she’s up there, we will obviously be peeking under her dress. Enjoy.

Kendall Jenner Shows Off Her Teen Model All That at the KIIS FM Jingle Ball

I think there’s a KIIS FM in tons of cities around the country, in each case I think they also feature craptastic pop music and overly excitable DJ’s pumping up teen tunes. And every year they have their big Christmas time concerts featuring a bunch of boy bands and such and it would all be far off the Egotastic! radar save for the fact that it does draw out the next gen celebrities, including last night in L.A., Kendall Jenner, who looked like a million bucks, or approximately $75,000 for a photo shoot.

Kendall Jenner is clearly and fast becoming The Kardashian Mafia Family ‘It’ girl, if for no other reason than her genes allow her to remain tall and slender without having to drop the KK Greenies diet. So she can be slender and smile and not look like she’s been starving herself for a week. Through in impossibly long teen legs and you have a girl that is going to be working the red carpets of major Hollywood events for years to come. Enjoy.