Morgan Saylor Barely Legal and Topless in Homeland and More Naughty Scenes from Masters of Sex Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Morgan Saylor Topless Scene in Homeland
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Wow, just wow. I guess you had to wait until Season Three of the pretty epic Homeland series to see cute family daughter Morgan Saylor in her first topless making of the sexy scene. She just turned eighteen before filming this current season, so even attempts to film her covered topless were off limits until this year, and, thankfully, the show director and editor failed to keep her covered so during filming. Or did they intentionally so? Either way, let us say, thanks.

As if seeing Morgan Saylor topless wasn’t enough, this week’s Boob Tube Roundup brings us another memorable series of orgasmic visuals from Masters of Sex and a rather steamy extending booty knocking scene from Strike Force, which you really should be watching, and not just for the hard-R sex scenes. Three good shows with sweet celebrity flesh. Film business, you better watch your back, the boob tube is ramping up big time. Enjoy.

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‘Season Premier of ‘Homeland’ Pretty Great’, Say Thousands of Video Pirates Who Downloaded It Illegally

'Homeland': Season 3 Premier Leaked online

Can’t wait for the new season of Homeland to begin? Well, it turns out that, if you don’t mind breaking the law and stealing from honest, hardworking Americans in the film and television industry, you don’t have to wait. Although season three isn’t scheduled to premier until September 29, apparently some naughty East Coast media elite leaked one of the press screeners of the premier episode that were handed out at the Television Critics Association gathering back in July. Now the thing is all over the interwebs and reportedly has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.


Sneak Peek of Homeland Season 3: Claire Danes Sex on the Steps?

According to a Homeland Season 3 fun time video clip on WWTDD, Claire Danes might finally be settling back down to some making of the sexy on the new season, which I’m waiting three more weeks for my grubby little eyes to feast upon.

Homeland is a boob tube must watch in my limited artistic opinion. And not just because Claire Danes gets some, but also it’s how we met the delicious Morena Baccarin. She has brought more than a little ray of naughty light to my sleepy private time fantasies.

Morena Baccarin Topless and Lacey Chabert Bra-Covered Funbags Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Lacey Chabert Cleavy Scene on Slightly Single
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Wow, what a stunning bit, and or bits, of small screen development this past week on the TV monitors as Morena Baccarin delivers some serious topless wonderment in the quite awesome show, Homeland, Morven Christie does her own topless spy-thrilling turn in BBC/Cinemax’s deep dark secrets show, Hunteed, and to top it all off, the delicious bra-barely-containing boobtastic of Lacey Chabert in the feature film Strictly Single in L.A., out on HBO around the planet and soon to be released to various digital streaming channels in the U.S.

Today is a good day for hotness on the small screen. A sweet day to be checking out the Boob Tube Roundup. Enjoy.

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Morena Baccarin Protects the Homeland With Just a Touch of Bare Boobage (VIDEO)


It was a rough week for views of the Boob Tube in need of some Boob Views. Very light from our friends at the premium cable channels we rely on both for excellent programming, and, far more importantly, sexy topless celebrities.

Morena Baccarin stands pretty much alone with her two second bare boobtastic reveal on Homeland, the show where hotties getting it on decide the fate of the free world (which, by the way, seems pretty damn close to reality). Enjoy.

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Morena Baccarin and Brianna Brown Flash Their Half-Nekkid Bodies to Protect The Homeland (VIDEOS)



If there’s one thing I know about national security, it’s that the more hot women involved, the safer we are as a nation. Well, maybe not safer, but definitely more fun. Still, I can easily get behind any TV show selling the tale that hot topless tail is our best chance for survival. On that front, the new Showtime series, Homeland, delivers the bouncing bed knockers with deft dexterity.

In last night’s episode, not only did we get yet another visual taste of the delightful bare ta-ta’s of Morena Baccarin, but say hello and howdy, topless Ma’am, to Brianna Brown, who gets an A-for-effort in the funbags on television grading scale. Poo! I say to those who bemoan the decline in good programming on the cable box, there’s plenty to soak up and plenty to soak in thanks to an entirely new wave of shows just for us adults (and those of us pretending to be adults). Enjoy.
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Name That Actress! Uncredited Thespianic Steals the Topless Show on Homeland (VIDEO)



I’m sure you know by now  that Egotastic! managed to save about sixteen cases, or cartons, or maybe it’s cratefuls of the inspiring energy slash homeless drunk drink, Four Loko, before it vanished several months ago from the store shelves. While this epic act of salvation is not without its inherent honor, consuming the Four Loko before our landlord finds it has created something of a workplace ethics vacuum of late. Not the least of which fallout is nobody here among our primarily imported Thai tween-staffers able to find me the name of the uncredited actress who stole the show on last night’s second episode ever of Showtime’s Homeland, with a boobtastic full frontal for the television ages. Well, certainly when you throw in the hint of girl-on-girl action and some panties grabbing, it’s right up there.

So, dear Readers, we’re counting on you — name that girl

UPDATED TO ADD: Thanks to many of you who wrote in through email or on our Egotastic! Facebook page. Seems to confirm Melissa Benoist as the girl behind the Sunday night anonymous boob tube display.

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