DSS Magazine

Jessica Sutton Covered Topless Bikini Hotness In DSS Magazine

MMA ring girl and boobtastic model Jessica Sutton is smoking hot in this spread in DSS magazine. She wears different outfits with one main thing in common: sideboob. In fact, it’s not just sideboob. It’s top, bottom, and sideboob. Basically the only thing you can’t see are her nips. In many of the pics it is only her tiny arms that try and conceal her mammoth funbags from our eager eyeballs. Her ta-tas are a sight to behold. They are the kind of yum yums that can cause traffic accidents if viewed from the road. But it isn’t just her titanic knockers that make these pics so much fun to look at. The bottoms in several of these photos show off her perfectly round booty. They are like two perfectly tanned mounds of awesomeness.

In one pic she is pulling on her panties just enough to be naughty. Yes, please and thank you.

Game, Set, Match! Spanish Tennis Player Eva Fernandez Aces the Lingerie Court in DSS Magazine

Do you love tennis? Or, more importantly, do you love super hot sultry Spanish tennis players who strip down to some little bits of lingerie for sextastic photoshoots? Yes, I figured I’d get an ‘aye-aye’ on that second question.

Eva Fernandez may not have dominated the world during her stint on the world tennis circuit, but, she could still easily kick my single-backhanded-lobbing sorry arse on the court and, towel down afterward for a ridiculously hot photoshoot for DSS magazine in Spain. The Iberian curves on this woman make me want to bounce my balls across her grass court (I’m not even sure what that means, but maybe translated into Spanish it’ll seem romantic when I send her my love letter and offer to meet up in a Madrid Marriott for eleven minutes of doubles play). Enjoy.

Alejandra Rios Lingerie Pictures For an Almost Overlooked Spanish Gem

In our attempt to bring you everything and everyone famous and wicked hot around the globe, we do often miss a few here and there, no doubt. But, unless you’re a hot chick yourself, stop writing us angry letters (but, if you are a hot chick, keep sending the angry letters, with more specific instructions and details on our punishments please.)

But, a miss is a miss, and we did indeed miss Spanish model hottie Alejandra Rios featured this summer in our beloved DSS magazine in little bits of skimpy lingerie that showed off the Iberian hottie’s amazingly assets in silky nothings. A body to desire, a mind to… well, that’s less important. Say hola to Alejandra Rios. Enjoy.

Priscilla Caripan Doubles-Down on the Super Sextastic for Spain’s DSS Magazine

Oh, Canada, our home and native land.

Somebody a few weeks ago tried to rip us a new a-hole (I think that would be our third) for not being kind enough to our Cannuckian neighbors to the Great White North, but nothing could be further from the truth. We kid the Maple Leaf nation, but we kid in friendship, for surely, we want your warm in the winter type hot women.

Lovely ladies such as model delicious Priscilla Caripan, the half-Sudamericana half-Toronto born multi-ethnic eye-candy that fills the pages of this month’s DSS magazine with sextastic abandon. Little swimsuits, lingerie, boudoir items, on that ridiculously hot body and a killer look that can only be described as ‘I’ll leave you broke and in despair, but we’ll have a great time getting you there’. Oh, how we love and fall every time for that look. Enjoy.