Dr. Who

‘Dr. Who’ Nerds: The Twelfth Doctor Is Peter Capaldi

If you more-than-casually care about Dr. Who, this concerns you. If you’re obsessed with Dr. Who, than you probably already knew hours ago that the regenerated Twelfth Doctor will be played by Scotsman Peter Capaldi.

For those of us very casual Who-geeks, this one of those, ‘Oh cool, that guy…’ moments. Capaldi warmed the cockles of my cold dead heart  as the hilariously peckish and foul-mouthed Malcolm Tucker from the British-American film In the Loop. In that surprisingly amazing indie sleeper, Capaldi weaves a tapestry of profanity that may be the apex of human swearing. Who knew that such a character could drive a whole ninety minutes of film? Certainly not I.

Look —  again — if you’re a huge Whovian, you already know that the eighth season of Doctor Who won’t start  until a year from now,  but that this December we’ll see the latest Christmas Special where very likely the current Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) will transform into number Twelve. There’s also a high likelihood we’ll see Capaldi’s Twelve appear in November’s 50th Anniversary Special. If you’re not anywhere near being a Whovian…I totally get it, it’s a serious investment and all. Some of us have no lives and live in very cold and dark basements. Some of us.

Here’s Capaldi’s best In the Loop moments:

Karen Gillan Red Hot Geektastic for Dr. Who

Invest in lotion now, fanboys, because Karen Gillan is back and redder and hotter than ever before, appearing at the Dr. Who screening in London where the co-star of the BBC sci-fi series stole the show, all eyes, hearts, minds, and lust points, natch. And, since you’ve already unscrewed your Eucerin, we threw in a few extra hot pictures of Karen from over the weekend at the Elle Style awards. I will blame nobody for falling head over throb for Karen Gillan, least of all myself. Enjoy.

Karen Gillan in My Hood!

Karen Gillan
was mere walking distance from my humble humbleness and I could feel the ripples and shivers of nerdtastic ginger hotness tremble the ground beneath me like a San Andreas fault line cough. I swear, I could smell the very Amy Pond right down my steps. And it smelled like amazing. Wow.